About DNS Settings

You may have noticed we recently added the DNS changing feature to AdClear Plus. We wanted to give a little bit more info here on its purpose and how to use it. This is located in Settings > DNS Settings > DNS Privacy.

When making a connection online, trackers, advertisers, and other bad parties can use your DNS address as a means of identifying you. Changing your DNS address can give you another layer of anonymity to thwart this. Not only that, several different DNS servers help increase speed, work around restrictions, offer parental controls, and more.

Enabling this setting in AdClear Plus requires setting up a VPN to work as a semi-proxy, in a way. You should immediately see a pop-up that takes you to iOS’s own VPN screen to enable the VPN. Once it’s on, you should be good to go. You can easily turn it off from the DNS Settings page at your convenience.

In DNS Settings, you can see a full list of different servers we support, including our very own! By tapping on a server, you can see more details on the individual servers and what they do, alongside links to their websites.

This is a new feature, so there may be some issues along the way. Please send feedback through the app if you encounter issues. It would help us tremendously.