AdClear disabled

I have a Sprint galaxy note 9. Running software version 8.1.0. ( I think that’s Oreo). AdClear is constantly being disabled, it’s usually disabled fairly quickly after I re-enable it. I can pull the notification drop down, the key will still be showing on it. However most of the time when I click on the key, it will say AdClear has been disabled, tap to re-enable. If I don’t check it, soon it will show up in my notifications that it has been disabled. AdClear is the only thing that I have running on VPN. I’ve installed trusted credentials, and set security. I’ve tried going through all my apps, and see if any of them are using VPN, but I can’t find any. Any ideas what I can do to fix this problem?

Hello. Do you have any other apps that use the VPN, or are you using any power saving features on your device?

No apps that I can find using VPN. I’ll double check on power saving features.