AdClear stop to work - app don't open

Hello. I have Nokia 6 with Android 8.1.0. AdClear was work correct but couple days ago they stop to work. App doesn’t start. They toes’t start automatically after connect for WiFi network or use Data. After clicking the icon. It try to start but they stop into red screen with Seven logo. This take a long time and than I get info that app doesn’t reply and cant wait longer or close it.

What can I do with this? I don’t install nothing new for few days. That wasn’t system update in this time. Just apps automatic update. I try to remove apps which was updates for last days and block auto update for they. I try to reinstall AdClear too, Of course I reboot phone too.

Can you help with fixing my problem? Apps is great and I want back to use it.

I think that problem is coming with September safety update for Android 8.1.0. OS doesn’t accept apps which are not from Google Play Store like I see. Some my other app are stop to work too. I can’t add apk files (download by browser or put into SD card by cable, and installed apps doesn’t starts.
Can you go around this problem?

On 8.1 you have to give permissions per app for apps outside of the play store. It used to be Unknown Sources. Is that enabled for AdClear?

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I am almost sure that I give every permissions which I find in phone, but can you write where I need to look this what you have on mind?

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Ok. I fix the problem - that was dying SD card

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Sorry to hear that. Glad to know it’s fixed!


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