Android 10 / blocking some, not all, ads; sucking power

Upgraded to Android 10 two weeks ago; AdClear kept crashing. I downloaded a new version on 9/25. It doesn’t crash, but it’s only blocking some ads AND is really draining my phone’s battery. I’ve gone from 2 to 4 charges / day since installing the 9/25 AdClear.

There seems to be an ad blocking bug going on that we’re determining the cause for. It might be the cause of the battery drain you’re experiencing, because that’s definitely out of the ordinary.

Any update? I reinstalled AdClear yesterday. It’s still not blocking all ads - only some. The power issue may be related to the Android 10 upgrade though.

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It should be blocking most ads, some of which may need Dubbel, though.

Could you be a little bit more specific about “most ads?” You installation process says Dubbel is need to block ads in YouTube, which I don’t care about. Other than that, anything else? Because AdClear is definitely not working the way it was before I upgraded to Android 10… I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see for yourself. All of these ads would have been blocked earlier.

Oh, yes, AdClear should be blocking this. Can you send us a bug report? This might be something with the certificate not installing correctly.

Sure, how do I do that?

In AdClear, hit the menu button, and you should see the option to send feedback. See if Debug Log is enabled in Settings > More. If not, turn that on and send us a bug report the next time you see an ad.

Actually, I just looked it up and we do have an idea of what’s happening. We have a fix in development at the moment. It should be in the next update.

When will that be released?

Hey dave,

Sorry, I didn’t see your reply. This is out now. Android 10 made a small change that messed with how we can detect ads, but we fixed it.

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