App Launcher is not functioning

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9, and because AdClear by itself cannot block YouTube ads, I decided to install App Launcher as well. However, whenever I try to run YouTube from App Launcher, it just states, “opening YouTube” and never actually opens the application. This is also the case for any other application as well. Help would be appreciated!


Edit: The AdClear team replied to my bug report, and they are working on an update to fix this issue. I guess the only thing we can do is wait it out.

Hey there. I didn’t respond to this at the time since we saw you in the bug report, but for posterity, App Launcher is certainly not in the best shape for a beta test right now. It’s a massive concept to undertake, and we’ve run into some issues that don’t have blanket fixes (e.g. some apps have one problem, some have another). We will try to be more clear in our materials during Beta to warn you before you make the move.

That being said, we are working diligently on App Launcher, and we have high hopes in what it can achieve and what it could mean for the Android platform. We will guarantee that it is fully functional and ready to go before we get out of testing.

Play store does not have app launcher. any updated?

We’ve renamed App Launcher to Dubbel. You can download it here:

Hello, How do I go about creating a post? I’m sorry for replying to your post to ask a question. I’m trying to used the cloned app to login to Facebook and I keep getting this login error message. Login Failed

Sorry, an unexpected error
occurred. Please try again
later. (ServiceException:
BlueService failed)

OK I would greatly appreciate it if you could explain what this login failed message meant. Thank you.