Can't get pass terms and conditions

Hello community, I installed v9.3.0.421-ga, to be able to run AdClear on Android Lollipop v5.0.1, but can’t get pass the terms and conditions screen, the problem is that the app keeps trying to open the web browser, and when I choose any of the browsers I have installed to open the page the AdClear is trying to open there is nothing on the webpage to get me back to the app. How can I solve the issue, or is it a bug on the version I’ve installed?


I temporarily disabled all my browser apps, and was able to click the button to continue to the next screen, but now can’t click the checkboxes to agree with the terms, all I see is a message saying that I should read the policy first :slightly_frowning_face:

Update 2:

I enabled Chrome, and now the AdClear always open the terms in chrome, and doesn’t let me click the button to continue :triumph:

Hey there. Sorry for the late response. It seems like you were trying to download an old version of AdClear. Since that version, we changed how the Privacy Policy is served. Try downloading from our website: