Crashes on Android 10/Q

Epic fail that AdClear crashes upon start on Pixel 3 with latest Android Q/10 update.

Fix asap

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Yep, Pixel 3a, adclear crashes and will not open or run, time to move elsewhere.

I have to LOL at these two posts. Yes, they could have been testing AdClear since the first beta of Android 10, but to call it an epic fail and demand they fix it asap (they obviously are working on it) is an overreaction. I also find it funny to suggest moving on another app so soon.

Well, successful compatibility should have been reasonably easy to attain considering many other apps do not crash nor fail to execute. Can agree to that

Sorry for the instability. We’re working on it! Unfortunately for us, the way AdClear works with Android makes testing beta updates for new releases less easy for us. Changes we make for one release can get negated by the next, etc.

We should have an update soon. Thank you for your patience.

How are they obviously working on it, I do not see the disclaimer stating ‘WILL NOT WORK ON ANDROID 10’.

I want ad blocking, so since this doesn’t work on Android 10, of course I’ll move on… it’s the only App on my entire device that isn’t compatible LOL

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a great product so not working on 10 is like cancelling a Holiday. Glad to hear there is WIP on it. Hopefully will be released soon.

Just upgraded to Android 10 and see the system crashes.

Any feedback on the progress of the fix?

I downloaded the beta version and it’s working on my Android 10 Pixel.

I tried the beta version. It installs on my pixel 2 xl
But it doesn’t seem to be blocking ads. The blocked ad counter is 0 and I see ads in apps that were blocked in android 9

Hey Mohamed. Does the count ever increase past zero? This sounds like a bug.

I installed both beta and the latest prod, both DO NOT CRASH so that’s great, but agree it seems to not block any ads not update the counters…I also added Chinese and Russian filters just in case plus cert installed etc and executed apps and sites that on Android 9 would b blocked, previously some apps like MSG Go would not even work to show live video since the ad could not be displayed …

Yeah my ad block count also stays at 0.
I will try the new prod app now

Yeah this is odd. I’m not able to replicate on my end, but I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for confirming. We have another report of this as well. I’ll try to replicate on my end, though my block count/blocking is working. It might be the specific build.

Just downloaded prod version. Installs without crashing but no ads blocked and block counter staying at 0

Hey Mohamed. I was able to replicate. We have an idea of what might be happening. We should have a fix soon.


Yeah I’m not Mohammad…but I did start this thread

Looking forward to it

I have downloaded the latest beta and it is blocking ads well but it is causing a bit of battery drain. Progress.

Good to hear Mohamed. Is the battery drain something you’re noticing or is a battery monitor telling you that? Using a VPN makes Android distort battery monitors.