Critical problem of firewall feature at data mode

i have a critical problem with adclear v9.6.1-ga.
my phone is samsung galaxy s8 (android8 oreo)

when phone is date mode(not wifi), app can not use background data even though i turn off all(ad blocking, snooze, firewall) of app at adclear.

for example,
i use korea messenger “kakaotalk” like telegram, line, whatsapp.
i turn off all of kakaotalk app at adclear like attachment capture.

but i can not receive new messege of kakaotalk when my phone is data mode(not wifi)
i can recieve new messege of kakaotalk on data mode of phone when adclear app is disabled.(so, no problem at android setting)

also, i had no problem like this about kakaotalk app at adclear “v9.4.0-ga” and “v9.5.4-ga”.
only have problem at v9.6.1-ga.

it is critical problem to me.

i hope you fix it as soon as possible.
thank you for reading.

i re-install adclear 9.4.0-ga and 9.5.4-ga.
two version also have this same problem.
firewall is good feature and i like it. but i give up using firewall.

i ask this to developer and develper already try to fix this.
i wait good news :slight_smile:

hello friend, are you solved this problem ?
i have seem problem. Ty