Disabled by Doze

Hi y’all members, administrators and fans of the AdClear.

As we know, AdClear is the best ad blocker out there.
It works perfectly.

However, on my Android 7.0, Samsung S7 Edge, there’s a little issue I’m facing:

After the phone goes into sleep mode, idle, and after waking it up (turning on the screen) it says “AdClear has been disabled by Doze” then it automatically re-connects.

How can this be fixed? It is already as OFF in “Optimize Battery” and it IS included in “Never sleeping apps” in the battery settings.

I’ve searched for other settings to see if there’s any “automatic-killer” but no luck.

It’s Android fault for killing its service, or what?


Hey stigoprelo,

Yes, Android will always kill the Android VPN functionality whenever Doze mode is on, so configuring AdClear in those settings won’t change the outcome, unfortunately.

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Thank you.

Is it possible this to be fixed in future, I mean it’s an AdClear issue (which devs can fix) or it’s rooted down to the Android OS?

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It’s an Android thing. They don’t allow two apps to use the VPN at once.

Go to:
Off-screen cleanup

And uncheck the Adcleaner. That will fix it.

Unfortunately that won’t fix it, based on how AdClear works.

Also, just for clarity, I thought you were using the Doze app. Doze mode doesn’t use the VPN. You can probably exclude AdClear in there. I apologize @stigoprelo

Just to update this post, I have had this error on several of my devices, it is a Android Battery optimization problem and is easily solved,
Got to the admin tab, the “little gear” icon, on your Android device, select “Battery”, then select the “three dots” top right, and “Battery optimization”, from here select the “down arrow”, and “all apps”, select “AdClear” and then “Dont optomise”, this will solve the Doze error message and stop Android from closing the VPN of the App…