Force app to use mobile data vs wifi

I know you can disable access to wifi or mobile data but is there a way that an app can be forced to one type only? Ex: Wifi is on and connected but force App X to use Mobile Data all the time

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Hello. I apologize for the late response. This can be done with our Firewall tool. If you take a look at your firewall app list, you can restrict either Wi-Fi or mobile data for specific apps on your device. If you enable Firewall, then tap inside of the firewall box, you’ll be taken directly to the screen, or you can go to Settings > Firewall. Again, apologies for the late response.

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Depending on your device environment, you probably won’t be able to utilize both Wi-Fi and mobile data at the same time, unless you are already able to.

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Hi Christian!
Couldn’t find Seven’s firewall on Google Play.
Where can I find it?
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Firewall is in AdClear! It should be on the Bottom bar next to Ad Blocking settings.

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Hi Christian!
I found the firewall option inside AddClear, sorry, my mistake :pensive:

But the firewall option does not provide what philbert2k wanted - and what I am expecting too.

I’ve activated Developer mode, enabled mobile data all the time, configured WhatsApp to run on Mobile data only, and it still does not work.

I assume what we need is some sort of tunneling an app connectivity thru a particular network adapter: wifi or mobile, while both must be active and enabled.

Is there a way to do it?

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So you’re saying you want it to use Mobile Data even when you’re on Wi-Fi?

That isn’t possible because Android can’t simultaneously use both connections at once.

AdClear’s Firewall will let you make an app only work when connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.