How to use Dubbel

Thank you for downloading Dubbel. The app doesn’t have a walkthrough or guidance process, so if you’re confused about launching to a blank screen, we definitely understand. While that is being developed, we wanted to have information available here on the features of Dubbel.

Creating a shortcut:

Shortcuts allow you to launch cloned applications without having to open Dubbel each time. To create a shortcut for a cloned app, just hold onto the app icon, and drag it to the left of the menu bar in Dubbel. The text to create the shortcut should pop up as confirmation. Clones will have the Dubbel logo in bottom right of their shortcut to signify the clone.

Deleting a clone:

Sometimes you’ll need to delete a clone to start over, fix a bug, etc. To delete a clone, drag the icon to the top right of the menu bar. You’ll see text pop up to remove the clone.

Adding a clone:

To add a clone, click the + symbol in the top right of the Dubbel screen. You’ll be able to add eight clones each time in the add screen (there’s no clone limit).

Sending feedback:

If you have a technical issue, send us feedback through the app. Just tap on the menu button in the top right, and select the Send Feedback option. I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone. We have a ton of features and improvements planned for Dubbel. Stay tuned, and thank you for helping us beta test.

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