I can't upload AdClear on my Galaxy S6, it keeps pausing!

It rarely gets past 15-16 percent completed, and then resets to 0 percent. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!

Hello. We’re sorry this is happening. Where are you downloading AdClear from?

Hi Christian… attempting on my phone through the company web site directly, not through Play Store, via Chrome browser on my Galaxy S6.

Thanks for letting us know. This is the second time we’ve heard of this. We’ll see what’s going on. In the meantime, you can download from our Github page: https://github.com/SEVENNetworks/AdClear/releases/tag/v8.0.0.507591

OK, that’s what I’ll try next. Thanks!

Christian, uploading through github took just a nanosecond, compared with what I’d encountered at first. I’m up and running with AdClear! Thanks for your IT support…

Good to hear! We actually figured out what the bug is and should have an update out tonight or tomorrow.