Issues with Android 10 UI 2.0

VPN is blocking internet communication after I update my Samsung Galaxy 10+ to Android 10 UI 2.0. It was working great before the update.
Can you help?
Many thanks.

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Hey Dieppaw, thanks for letting us know. This is the second report we’ve gotten of this happening on 10. We’re still investigating the cause. Have you sent in a bug report through AdClear? It’ll be in Settings > Send Feedback. That’ll send us info on what’s blocking your connection.

Thank you, Christian. Just sent the Big Report.
Have a great 2020.

I can confirm this issue on my Samsung Note 10+ as well. ADClear blocks all traffic. I had to disable it for the time being.

Same thing is happening with the Samsung S10e. It’s blocking all internet traffic, sites, apps, etc. If I turn adclear completely off, everything works like normal, just with ads obviously. And yes, I have turned my phone completely off and restarted.

Same here with Note 10+ 5G. I have to disable AdClear for now.

Same here, note 10+ just updated, no connection when app running:(

I know this is being looked at but just posting to show impact. Got hit by this as well (Note 10+ 5G too). Sent a bug report via the app. Don’t know if it’s been made clear but it looks like it impacts both mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Same here. Sprint S10+ 5G just updated to Android 10/OneUI 2.0 yesterday and it broke AdClear. Wife’s S10+ has the same issues. No internet connectivity at all unless we disable the app completely.

Having the same issue with Samsung 10 on Android 10. No access with Adclear enabled for Samsung Internet or Chrome. Some of the apps seem to work ok, like weather underground, but others, like NECN, do not. However, as soon as I configure a non-working app to disable adblocking, the app works ok.

Do you have any news on a fix?