Network traffic

Hi Team!

Does AdBlock use more network traffic (VPN) and if answer is “YES”, will it works only when an app use the AdBlock (cost of mobile traffic)?

All the Best!

Molnár Áron

Hey there. I’m not 100% sure I understand your question (feel free to use Hungarian!). The VPN works on both Wi-Fi and mobile traffic. It can have an effect on network speed, but the effect shouldn’t be noticeable. Since it doesn’t work like a traditional VPN, your traffic doesn’t take jumps to different servers or anything like that.

So, my cost of my network traffic will not higher, isn’t it?

If you’re asking if your data bill will go up, it shouldn’t. I would suggest making sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi at least once a day, though. AdClear will try to connect with our servers once a day to make sure our ad blocking filters are loading and that your new installs are appearing in your App Lists. That could use unnecessary data.

Oh, thank you very much! :blush: