No ad blocking happens when opened and set up

Why does AdClear never block any ads from the YouTube app? I have caught ads in the videos I watch all the time, even if YouTube is opened as administrator.

Devs, you guys need to fix this asap

By the way, by administrator, I mean with Dubbel.

No add will be blocked while open and set up. But while I opened any add in chrome then it might get stuck. I felt that it was my phone’s problem. Then I got that it was not my phone’s problem that was a chrome problem. As I was a frequent chrome user so I did not wast to stop using chrome, then I start browsing to solve this issue, and got a solution for turn off confirm form resubmission, you also might get the same issue at the time of ad viewing from chrome. Then you can also browse,


Sorry for the late response. Are you using HTTPS Filtering in AdClear? That should block YouTube ads in Dubbel. The only ads we currently do not block are the ones on top of search results, and the YouTube surveys (they pop up once in a blue moon).