Not blocking in LineageOS 15.1

I’ve recently updated to LineageOS 15.1 (Oreo) from 14.1 but since then AdClear is not working.

It was working fine in 14.1 prior to the upgrade. I wiped data before the upgrade so this is a fresh install on the latest adclear.apk (

I’ve enabled https filtering and installed the certificate successfully

Any ideas?

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[Second screenshot as can only add one per post as new user]

Hi Chris,

This is odd behavior. Are you seeing ads actually being blocked, though? We do have a bug with the counter at the moment, as it is working inaccurately.

If no ads are being blocked at all, send us a bug report through the app and we’ll see what’s going on. I’m sure you’re aware, but you may need to use our companion app AppLauncher for some apps. It is currently spotty on custom ROMs during beta testing, though.

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Thanks, have sent details in app the other day. Doesn’t block any ads at all, I sent screenshots

I just found the bug. If you didn’t see our response, can you let me know what apps you were using? We’ll take a loot at what’s going on in your logs. I’ll let you know what we find.

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I did respond late last week and sent some more screenshots… Hopefully you’ve got them. If not, I can post them here

We see screenshots in the same instabug thread, but not a different bug if you sent a different one. Either way I think we have enough right now to investigate.

Just a quick update. I applied the latest update this evening. Still have the same issue though

Hey Chris. Sorry for the late response. We actually just refactored our code in the past few days. Is it still occurring?

Yes, still an issue and now running v

Thank you Chris. I’ll take another look at it and see what’s going on.

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@Christian any update on this?

Hey Chris. I wasn’t able to replicate. Are you using Dubbel with AdClear?

I don’t know what that is, so I would say no I’m not

What information would be helpful in order to work out what’s happening?

On the off chance I’ve reinstalled adclear again and set it up from scratch. I activate the device admin and install the certificate but still the issue remains

Dubbel allows us to block ads with AdClear on phones using Android 7+. You can download it here:

It works by cloning the application into Dubbel, which lets us bypass restrictions with HTTPS Filtering.

Ah you mean what was the app launcher.

I’ve just tried that.

Cloned Chrome. It opens and then closes by itself… So that’s no use. Also tried guardian app and that seems to block ads but also all news articles too, so again that’s no use.

Adclear was working on its own in Android 7 app unless something had changed in 8 or its something else, it’s not seeming to be compatible.

Is there any further info that I can offer to assist?

Hey Chris, sorry for the late response again, though I think we’ve been communicating through our other channels!

Dubbel is in its early stages right now, so we’re only officially supporting YouTube. It’s a massive undertaking, but something we’re making a ton of progress in. We should have better support coming soon (but thanks for letting us know about Guardian – that shouldn’t be happening).

The changes made were actually by Google. They’ve recently required all apps to target higher SDKs, which makes HTTPS Filtering not work (unless through an app launcher like Dubbel).

One thing that should be of benefit is that Dubbel currently lacks 64-bit support, which we are planning to release in a week or two. That will probably fix the issue with Chrome.