Only One App in List Can't Open

Moto G5S+ XT1806, Android Oreo 8.1

I recently factory reset my phone and had to reinstall many apps, including AdClear. Everything is working fine except for one app that I installed from Google Play Store called “Group Ringtone Lite.” Since that app only needs Internet access for ads, I chose to enable the firewall to block it. The ad-blocking feature for it was enabled by default, and AdClear doesn’t allow it to display ads, as designed.

Everything worked as expected before the factory reset. However, now when I click on the Group Ringtone Lite app in the AdClear list, I encounter an “AdClear has stopped working” popup. AdClear quickly re-opens as normal. As long as I don’t click on that particular app, all works normally.

I uninstalled and reinstalled both AdClear and Group Ringtone Lite, but the results are the same. Do you have tips for troubleshooting this issue? Thank you.


Hey Mel,

I apologize for the late response. I believe this is related to behavior from a different bug that we’re releasing a fix for. If it’s still occurring, could you send us a bug report through AdClear? I’ll try to replicate on my end in the meantime.

EDIT: Actually, I was able to replicate. We believe it’s a completely new issue. Thank you very much for letting us know about this.


Thanks I need your help to check all an clear my phone

Hey there. Can you explain your issue?

thanks for the awesome information.