Parse error, there is a problem parsing the package
Hi all. I’m attempting to install AdClear on a Samung SMT-805W Galaxy Tab, Android 5.0.1.
The apk download seems to work ok but when I attempt the install I get the above error. Any ideas as to what I’m going wrong? Minimum tech/computer skills.
Thanks in advance for any insight.


Sorry for the late response. We recently made changes to AdClear that make the minimum OS level Android 5.1. You can still use older versions of AdClear if you’d like.

More information is available here: Announcement Regarding Android 5.0 (SDK 21) and Below



Hi Christian. Thank you for the reply. I did click the link but do not see where to download the older versions? Please and thank you again.

You can find old versions on our GitHub page. Anything before .462!