Read this if your new here like me

im using an android 8.1 cats61 bullet proof phone.
discovered adclear on youtube , downloaded it, and dubbel app too.
you need to run youtube from the dubble app to be able to get rid of the adds…which works very well.


That’s great to hear! If you experience any issues, let us know.

sometimes yyoutube just stops working and shuts down after anywhere between 15 mins to 1 hour, no apparent reason, but normally when watching a movie…not short clips…but hejho, no goddamn ads so im not complaining, just helping…nice job

We’re actually testing a new Dubbel build to be released either today or the next few days that contains some fixes. It might fix your issues. Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to use the Dubbel 64-Bit support app!

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