Slow loading website in VietNam

After i install the app, the site like, is loading slowly in Chrome and all images are blocked too. Is that weird?

That is definitely strange. Thank you for letting us know. If you haven’t already, send us a bug report through AdClear. We’ll be able to see what’s causing this problem.

I inspected the issue and found that the default filter blocks incorrectly in these sites. They block mistakenly their image cdn but miss blocking a ads script.

Can you message me and let me know what you’re using to investigate? It is difficult to go over wince we are non-native speakers over here.

i can’t send message because of my trust level.

You can post it here if you’d like! Let me know what site it is as well so we can verify.

I use chrome desktop to analyze Chrome request remotely in android.
And I found that in site, adclear corrupts all images in domain*. So, images cant be loaded.