Starting the App always opens Browser with Terms

I just installed the app (Android), I can start it and get the Welcome screen with the 4 Welcome Screens I can swipe. if i press the “Get Started” button it instantly opens my browser with the Terms and Conditions.

And thats it, if I switch back to the app, it instantly opens again the browser with the Terms, its like a never ending loop. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Is this AdClear or Dubbel? AdClear should have an update available that fixes this. In Dubbel, that update is still in Beta testing. To get that version, you can find info on joining the beta test on the Dubbel Play Store page.

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Hello, i only use AdClear. I downloaded the version from the website, the day before yesterday. When did the update get out? I try downloading it again.

EDIT ok now with the new version it works, bu i had to load Dubbel but now Dubbel has the same error and is alwas just opening the Terms. So I have to wait i guess.

But, what information are you collecting on me? What websites i visit and screenshots, or what data are you collecting?


This was something we fixed that was probably caused by an issue connecting to our webserver.

As far as info, we collect information about connections to web servers, so yes, we collect browsing info, but only for debugging purposes. We don’t know the content of the webpage, and it would be practically impossible to identify you from data. Screenshots, no. We’re only concerned with filtering out ad traffic and making sure connections are working as they should.