Updated to Android 11; AdClear crashes

This is a long running problem with this app & android 11 :sob::broken_heart: ive had to stop my s10+ from updating to android 11 just so i can keep this app working
Sadly i let my s20+5g upgrade to android 11 & now im bombarded with annoying pop ups and full page adds because this nolonger opens so had to remove this app altogether until any fix is in place sadly its looking like they may never happen as time goes on ppl are going to look at other options & move away to other apps offering the same thing this one does

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I was contacted today but they still have no fix for this issue


Hi there, I updated to Android 11 last week and I am seeing the same thing. AdClear is crashing. Ads are popping all the time. My phone browser opens up by itself to ads pages. I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Very frustrating.
I am willing to help with beta testing too. Thanks


Great news. It seems that while AdClear has been napping, others have been hard at work. I don’t know how this has slipped through the cracks over here, but Blokada has achieved what AdClear seems to failing at. Thanks to AlternativeTo, I found it. Open source, free, effective:


To get to their site, remove the space below; I’m only allowed two links in a post:
ht tps://blokada.org/#download

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It dont stop adds in apps from popping up like adclear does sadly unless ive got it set wrong it keeps telling me to buy it as well to get other settings that adclear has free


I have a Samsung Note 10+ 5G and my phone just had a software update 2/10/21 now I am having the same issue.

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Please fix the app for Android 11… Its best app to block ads inside apps.
Hats off to you guys.


It’s been over 6 months. When will they ever going to fix the crash?


I found this one:

Works great on android 11, galaxy a50

Hi Christian. Do you have any updates on progress for Android 11 crashes?

Hello I noticed I’m not the only one having issues of crashing too on my Pixel 4a 5g. I have adlock right now but with the trail then have to pay. I had this on my old phone and was fine. :sob::sob::sob: I don’t want to be cater to ads.

Impossible to update? We NEED adclear PLEASE

I am having the same issue.

AdClear currently is not compatible with Android 11. Changes on Android 11 made AdClear not work as well so we have shifted focus over to adX for better blocking.

In the meanwhile, we have been developing a new app called adX. It will help to block ads in YouTube, Facebook, and many more!

If you are interested in trying adX, please join the early access program by visiting www.adclear.com, tapping the Android icon at the top of the webpage, and then tapping “Join Now”.

Thanks so much for helping us improve our products!