Updates to Our Privacy Policy

Since releasing AdClear in December of 2015, our business model has drawn skepticism. You would be hard-pressed to find an online discussion about AdClear that doesn’t mention us selling user data. For years, we’ve tried to be as upfront as possible about our free-with-analytics model, but the practice alone implies a trade-off taking place, especially given the breadth of our Privacy Policy.

It’s hard to foster user trust in our business model with how cautious our Privacy Policy is from a legal standpoint. Even with how upfront and direct we try to be as a company, there’s no way to fully trust our words while guarded by a long list of legal protections. That’s why, as of December 3rd, 2019, we’ve changed our Privacy Policy, and that’s why, as of now, we’re done with selling data.

In truth, we never sold or distributed data at all! During AdClear’s lifespan, the analytics we’ve taken (from it and our other products) have been used solely for debugging/development purpose. We’ve been quiet about this because we’ve reserved the right to sell data in the future, but we’ll no longer do that. From now on, all data collected (previously and going forward) will continue to be used only for debugging and development, which is completely confidential. Were we to change course, users would be expressly notified and given ample time to opt out, should they want. We will be adhering to Privacy Shield Principles enforceable under United States law.

Is there a catch? No. We may release a premium version of AdClear in the future, but that won’t mean that we’ll sell data in a free version. Our ideal scenario is to have a free version of AdClear that performs to expectation and a Pro version with additional features. No analytical business model will be applied to either.

We will still be collecting data the same way — including app usage, network traffic, device details, and more — in order to debug and improve our apps. We have a very small team when compared to the tech and ad goliaths, and analytical data helps us narrow that divide, giving us the ability to craft breakthroughs like HTTPS Filtering and Dubbel. We may not always have stable releases, but we take pride in breaking barriers in mobile ad blocking with such a small team.

To summarize, we’re not selling or providing the data we collect to outside parties, and never have. We will only use this data for debugging and improving our applications. We may release a premium version of AdClear, but rest assured, we would not sell analytics in a free version. For now, AdClear and all of its features are free.

We encourage you to check out our updated Privacy Policy with more information.

We’d like your thoughts and questions on this. Are you okay with analytics for improvement’s sake? Would an opt-in/opt-out policy be a good idea? What would you want in a premium AdClear? Let’s talk.