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Seven Networks is a company based in the US. We are developing an app called AdClear that blocks ads on your Android or iOS device. This forum is where we list all the information for troubleshooting issues you may be having with AdClear. When you have an issue, come here and see if there is already a fix for what you are dealing with. If what you are looking for is not here, then get in contact with us either through the AdClear app, or by email.

What is this community about?

  • This forum is for all of our users.
  • There is tons of useful information about AdClear here.
  • When you are having an issue with AdClear or if you want to suggest a new feature, you should come here first!

M:blush: muchas gracias. …Muy buen aplicación


Is it possible to get AdClear in French. It’s more easy for me to get all what you are saying about the options and the action you have to help us to make sure that we can do the best action you offer.

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You can change the language setting in Settings > Change Language.

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Thank you very much for the info. In wish place I can do it.

Hello, you are based in the US, do you collect data on what websites i visit?

I keep getting “AdClear for Samsung Internet not working” while browsing. How can I fix it pls?

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We’re about to release an update for the Samsung Internet app in a week or two. It should offer more stability. Thank you for your patience.

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Muchas gracias. Acabo de instalar AdClear y tengo que aprenderla a manejar. Saludos desde España

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Depois que eu atualizei o software do meu celular, o AdClear parou de funcionar, pfavor consertem, estou precisando muito do app !

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