Will AdClear block all ads?

No. The process of blocking ads takes place in a constantly changing environment where advertisers have numerous ways to subvert ad blockers. We investigate any claims of ads in an app or website and are eager to improve our users’ experiences. Contact us through Feedback to notify us of any sites or apps where ads are not blocked.

Chan tat ca quang cao

Bạn đang xem quảng cáo? Những ứng dụng nào?

I like to play card games only 2 but I get so many ads no t only on the game’s but every web sight I’m on. Today i can’t play any games at all I not only get ads on but on games but buying Tide. I have your ad blocker and another but neither of the two are helping only one more day and you will

Hello. Are you using HTTPS Filtering? What phone and version of Android are you on?