YouTube app not open Dubble 64but

Nothing happened when i click YouTube app inside dubble.

I’m using P20 Pro

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Have you sent us a bug report? We’d like to take a look. We currently have an issue with the addon crashing, which might be happening in your case.

Same problem I have,
Android OS 9

Same here, installed the blocker app, dubbel and the 64 bit addon, but it simply wont start.

I am using a p-smart 2019 feom huawei.

If you need anything, just ask

I also have this problem since I first bought my Galaxy S9. I actually sent at least 5 bug reports. I have uninstalled AdClear along with Dubel earlier this year because eliminating youtube ads was the foremost reason for having it. Now yesterday I have installed again the latest version of AdClear and the latest version of Dubbel hoping something got fixed, and also given the fact that multiple Android and Samsung system updates have been installed since last trying it. When I tried to start YouTube through Dubbel , first thing I got was the same crash :frowning: It’s too bad this doesn’t get fixed since I loved AdClear and seems like a very clever approach of ad-blocking, especially given the fact that most people using somewhat modern smartphones are not willing to root them yet.

Edit: it does this with and without Dubbel 64-bit support installed.


I am not sure what I do thank